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Pledges to Bring Jobs, Fiscal Responsibility, Family Values & Firm Foreign Policy to llinois 8th District and Our Nation

Chicago, Illinois – Wednesday, November 29, 2017 – Vandana Jhingan of Schaumburg, Illinois, a community activist, businesswoman and media host declared her candidacy for congresswoman of 8th District of Illinois today.

Jhingan, long time community member and national activist kicked off the petitions campaign for congresswoman on Saturday afternoon with Bhartiya Senior Group(BSG) in Carol Stream. Hari Bhai Patel President of BSG praised Jhingan’s selfless service to the community and called upon everyone to provide unconditional support to her.

“There are innumerable problems and ailments stemming from ineffective governance and leadership that are afflicting and affecting vast number of Americans from broad spectrums and walks of life. Many of these problems have roots going back more than a few decades and their severity has only increased over time without much respite or recourse in sight. To correct these journeys my conscience has compelled me to run for 8th Congressional district in Illinois on a Republican ticket for all Americans,” said Jhingan.

Jhingan’s candidacy is supported by the Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC), the nation’s most powerful Republican Hindu organization, which has raised millions for the Republican party and leadership in Washington and Illinois. The RHC and other prominent members of Indian American community across the United States have committed to providing significant financial support to Jhingan’s campaign.

Jhingan said that it’s her years of community service and experience working with business and government has motivated her to take on challenges facing the residents of the 8th district of Illinois. “I have demonstrated my commitment by serving the community for more than 20 years. I immigrated to United States and got an opportunity to live the ‘American Dream’ – now I am looking to fight for you to bring back the same. I will serve as tireless advocate for the people and businesses of my district. I promise that I will handle these issues with the utmost integrity and responsibility,” said Jhingan. Jhingan has also received whole-hearted support from the Indian American community in Illinois.

“Vandana is a selfless leader who has earned the respect from community at large and has demonstrated true leadership working with the grassroots. Let’s support her in every way to revive the core values of America,” said Krishna Bansal, Indian American, a Business and Republican Leader, who urged residents to come out and help with the petition drive.

Jhingan has served the community as the Midwest bureau chief of TV ASIA for more than 15 years and works on various appointed positions with the city of Schaumburg. Jhingan is happily married and has lived in Schaumburg since 2000. In addition to serving on the boards of many local and national organizations, in her free time Jhinghan practices yoga, takes care of her elderly parents and volunteers with the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

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