Press Release – Government Shutdown


For Immediate Release
From Vandana for Congress
January 20, 2018
Contact: Jon Zahm, 630-WIN-VOTE

Get to Work, Congressman and Stop Grandstanding!

The United States government is shut down due to the NO votes of Illinois 8th District Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, Senator Dick Durbin, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and other Democrats who are more interested in establishing citizenship for illegal immigrants than making sure our military, and needy children, and others who rely on government funding are properly taken care of.

Congressman Krishnamoorthi, rather than voting for a continuing resolution to keep the government open, or, better yet, negotiating a long-term plan that reduces spending and balances the budget, was on FOX NEWS last night grandstanding and promoting an open borders style immigration policy.

Vandana Jhingan, Republican for Congress in the 8th said, “The Congressman has to put our American citizens, soldiers and children ahead of illegal immigrants. And he needs to support immigration policies that respect the rule of law, solve skilled immigration problem, limits chain migration, ends the unfair lottery system, and prioritizes the 200,000 legal dreamers waiting in line first while securing our borders.” Jhingan concluded, ““Raja voted to shut the Government. Whereas I am equally sympathetic to the plight of the DACA kids and young adults, like our President is, shutting down the Government does not help these kids. Congress has until March 5th to solve the DACA issue. Why shutting down now? People are tired of political talk, they want action and real solutions to real problems. That’s what I will provide if elected to Congress.”

Jhingan, Midwest Bureau Chief of TV Asia, is a resident of Schaumburg and a member of the Schaumburg Board of Health.


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